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Before everyday use of cameras in the 1850s, we could only obtain information about societies' art, history, social life, cultures, country topographies, cityscapes, architectures, etc., through antique prints, besides original painted pictures.    


Antique prints, which document past life, places and emotions by bringing them to the present day, nowadays, are accepted as both a historical document and a work of art, and they are made available both digitally and physically to the use of art lovers, academicians, students and to individuals and institutions that will use these materials professionally in many countries around the world within the concept of libraries and/or museums.

As Turkey's first Digital Print Library, the mission of Gravur Dunyasi Digital Print Library is to provide a comprehensive cultural service by creating a visual database which preserves cultural heritage, primarily those related to our geography, through archiving, documenting and labelling all of the prints available in the Library both in Turkish and English.

For the moment, there are around 10,000 antique prints and maps provided in the website which are the first steps taken towards our mission. Additionally, since the research and labelling processes are not yet complete, a significant number of antique prints and maps were not added to the library but are planned to be added at regular intervals in the future.

Although we have become public very recently, Gravur Dunyasi Digital Print Library has begun to take its place among the databases of Turkey's leading university libraries and digital platforms including libraries.

Furthermore, the vision of Gravur Dunyasi Digital Print Library is to create Turkey's first physical antique print and map library and/or museum which will showcase Turkey's historical and artistic riches with an environment at the standards offered by international universities and museums for art and history enthusiasts, academics, students, and our children who will be the future artists.

In order to achieve this vision, it is aimed to obtain rare antique prints and maps that are not available in the library to enrich the Library both in terms of quality and quantity. Our plan is to achieve this goal through collaboration with universities and/or museums and individuals, institutions, and organizations that value art and history and obtain rare antique prints and maps that are not currently available in the library.

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