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Amsterdam Adası-St.Paul Adası

Isle D'Amsterdam-Isle St.Paul

Printing Date of  Antique Print:


Antique Print Type:

Copper Engraving

Bakır Baskı

Artist (Painter):

Jacques Nicolas Bellin (1703-1772)

Created by (Engraver):

Jakob Van Der Schley (1715-1779)

Published Book-Printing House:

Histoire Generale Des Voyages, Ou Nouvelle Collection De Toutes Les Relations De Voyages Par Mer Et Par Terre

Amsterdam Adası-St.Paul Adası

Antique Print Original Name: 

Isle D'Amsterdam-Isle St.Paul


Amsterdam Adası-St.Paul Adası ; Gravür ; 18.Yüzyıl ; 1753 ; Ülke ; Fransa ; Hint Okyanusu

Isle Amsterdam – Isle St.Paul ; Antique Print ; 18.Century ; 1753 ; Country ; France ; Amsterdam Island ; St.Paul Island ; Indian Ocean

Information About the Original:


The Dutch captain Anthonie van Diemen named it island Nieuw Amsterdam after his ship on 17 June 1633 in turn named after the Dutch settlement of New Amsterdam that later became New York City. St.Paul Island, Île Saint-Paul was first discovered in 1559 by the Portuguese. The island was mapped, described in detail and painted by members of the crew of the Nau São Paulo, among them the Father Manuel Alvares and the chemist Henrique Dias.

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