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Ayı Avı

Bear Hunt-Ein Börenkampf

Printing Date of  Antique Print:


Antique Print Type:

Steel Engraving

Çelik Baskı

Artist (Painter):

Frans Snyders (1579-1657)

Created by (Engraver):

Albert Henry Payne (1812-1902)

Published Book-Printing House:

Published For The Proprietors By A.H.Payne, Dresden & Leipzig

Ayı Avı

Antique Print Original Name: 

Bear Hunt-Ein Börenkampf


Ayı Avı ; Gravür ; 19.Yüzyıl ; 1850'ler ; Hayvan ; Köpek

Bear Hunt-Ein Börenkampf ; Antique Print ; 19. Century ; 1850's ; Animal ; Dog

Information About the Original:


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