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Ovadya (Obadiah) Peygamber

The Prophecy Of Obadiah, Chap.1.

Printing Date of  Antique Print:


Antique Print Type:

Copper Engraving

Bakır Baskı

Artist (Painter):

Created by (Engraver):

Published Book-Printing House:

Mr.S.Clark's Family Bible (Printed For & Sold By I.Fuller At Bible in Blonbladder Street Cheapside London )

Ovadya (Obadiah) Peygamber

Antique Print Original Name: 

The Prophecy Of Obadiah, Chap.1.


Ovadya(Obadiah) Peygamber ; Gravür ; 18.Yüzyıl ; 1750'ler ; Din ; Kehanet ; Eski Ahit ; Tanah ; Tevrat ; İbrani Peygamber ; Oniki Küçük Peygamber ; Portre ; Erkek ; Kostüm

The Prophecy Of Obadiah, Chap.1. ; Antique Print ; 18.Century ; 1750's ; Religion ; Old Testament ; Tanakh ; Bible ; Twelve Minor Prophets ; Potrait ; Man ; Costume

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