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An Election Entertainment

In this video, we examine the antique print series "An Election Entertainment" by William Hogarth, one of the leading painters and engravers of the 18th century. In this episode, we take a humorous look at England's 18th-century election process, analyzing four separate antique prints, each reflecting a different and humorous aspect of the election process. Enjoy watching, and see you in the next episode!

Dante & Beatrice

In this episode we delve into the timeless love of Dante and Beatrice, we explore the intricacies of multiple antique prints utilizing various techniques. We acquaint ourselves with Dante's passionately burning heart and his profound love for Beatrice, deeply grasping the meaning behind the antiuqe prints and their creation techniques. In this episode, as we trace the footsteps of the past, we'll step into the mysterious world of an unforgettable love story. Enjoy listening!

Sanat Dergisi


The Art Journal Magazine was first published by publishers named Hodgson & Graves in London in 1839 under the name “Art Union Monthly Journal” and in 1849 JS Virtue and Co. After the company took over, it continued to be published monthly under the name of The Art Journal and became the most important British art magazine of the Victorian era.

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